Start Your Own Childcare

Occasionally we see parents looking for child care ultimately
making the choice that they would really like to stay home with their
child and start their own family child care home. If you choose to
start your own family childcare home, A Caregiver Network offers all
the classes to help you get started and a networking system for
support and training to continue your your license from year to year.

You will need to complete the following courses before the
Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Child Care comes
out to inspect your home and recommend you for licensure:

  • 15 hour Family Child Care Pre-Licensing Course approved by the Division of Child Care
  • First Aid and CPR for infant, child and adult
  • Universal Precautions (control of bodily substances and minimizing the spread of germs and disease)
  • Medication Administration
    • These classes can be purchased from the shopping cart.

Family Child Care Pre-Licensing Class

The Family Child Care Pre-licensing course is a 15 hour course covers the following topics:

  • 3.0 Hours Overview of Child Care Rules
  • 1.5 hours of Child Growth & Development (CG&D) of Toddlers (Core 1.5, level I),
  • 1.5 hours of CG&D of Preschoolers (Core 1.6, level I),
  • 1.5 hours of Developmentally Appropriate Practices (Core 3.1, level I) ,
  • 1.5 hours of Guidance (Core 4.2, level I),
  • 1.5 hours of Administration and Supervision of Early Childhood Programs (Core 8.1, level I),
  • 1.5 hours of Health, Nutrition and Safety (Core 2.3, level I),
  • 1.0 hour of Family and Community Relationships, (Core 5.4, level II),
  • 1.0 hour of Cultural and Individual Diversity (Core 6.1, level II),
  • 1.0 hour of Professionalism (Core 7.3, level I)

Prior to the first day of class the student should read through and
become familiar with the Family Child Care Rules & Regulations: This
packet can be purchased from the State Forms Center or from our
shopping cart. The rules and regulations for a Family Child Care Home is also located on-line. (not guaranteed to be the latest version however). Rules and
regulations are only available in English. If you cannot read English,
please see the paragraph below on language barriers.

The Pre-Licensing Course Book will be given out the first day of
class. You can access the course book and individual forms on the

Course Requirements:

Each student must complete a pre-licensing course and be in
attendance for 15 contact hours. In addition each student must show
competency in the following methods and/or by completion of the

  • Prepare a portfolio
  • Complete their homework assignment
  • Participate in group activities and successfully pass oral testing
  • Pass a written test with 80% or higher
  • Portfolio assignment
  • Homework assignment

Homework Requirements:

Please allow 6 to 10 hours to complete the homework. Students
who have signed up for this course, can download the following homework

Grades Required to receive a Certificate of Training:

Students must complete all tests and assignments with a minimum of 80% accuracy in order to receive a certificate of training.

Should a student not meet this requirement showing competency levels
as required by the State of Colorado, the student may take the class
over one more time at no cost. After taking the course a second time,
the student must pay in order to retake the course again.

Language Barriers:

All classes are taught in English.  Students must be able to read and
understand the content of the Family Child Care Rules and Regulations
in order to pass the pre-licensing course. This booklet is only
available in English.

Students with a primary language other than English, may have an
interpreter accompany them in class. A Caregiver Network does not charge
for the interpreter to attend. A Caregiver Network does not supply
interpreters and the student is responsible to pay any fees the
interpreter may charge the student. The interpreter will not receive a
certificate of training.

Course Completion:

Students who complete the course must obtain their license within 1 year or take the course again.


Students who have any questions regarding the homework or anything regarding this course may call one of the instructors:

Mary Ingleby 303-916-2530

Dawn Rhods 720-989-1133

Darlisa 303-680-8618