Email Referrals

If you choose to leave an email requesting child care referrals, please include the following information:

(You can also fill out the online referral form here)

  • Your name
  • Preference for contacting you
    • Via email
    • Via telephone call
    • Include your telephone number
    • Include best time(s) to contact you
  • Number of children needing child care
  • Age of each child
  • Days of week you need child care
  • Times of the day you need childcare
  • Zip codes or cross streets close to your home and/or work
  • Include any special instructions, such as:
    • Need a child care professional that accepts the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program
    • Need a child care home with no dogs, cats, etc.
    • Need transportation to/from child’s school
    • My child has a health condition, such as asthma, food allergies, etc.
  • Please be patient. Your referral request will be sent out to our referral volunteer.  She will be emailing or calling you back at her earliest convenience.
    • We operate entirely on a volunteer basis and each volunteer works in a  family child care home or child care center. Our volunteer’s first priority is to provide quality care and meet the needs of the children in their care.  Whether your request is done online or through our referral telephone line (720-767-1862), our usual time to respond is during nap time, before and after child care hours.

Thank you for using the A Caregiver Network referral line.

Child Care Referrals

A CareGiver Network offers FREE Child Care Referrals of licensed child care facilities around the Denver, Colorado area.

You may call our referral message line or email our referral volunteer.


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