Being a parent is the greatest job we take on in our lives. We
hope the links in this website can assist you in your adventures as a
parent. Whether looking for child care or resources to aid you to be
the best parent you can be, we understand that parenting is a
continuous learning experience.

Finding Child Care

Finding child care can be a difficult task
but when you find the right fit, a memorable relationship can be built
that can last a lifetime. Here is a general outline of the basic steps
to the process.

  1. Call or e-mail referral volunteer and get the list of available providers. 720-767-1862 or
  2. Call all the providers on the list and set up personal
    interviews with the providers that can meet your child’s and family’s
  3. Please interview several providers to insure you are
    getting the best care your family can get. We suggest this because
    providers vary greatly in services that they offer. Please call and
    cancel any appointments that are no longer necessary as a common
  4. After or during the interview write down notes about each
    provider so you can remember the important facts about each location.
    Then discuss the pros and cons with the adults involved in the child’s
    life and make a decision.
  5. Call all the providers who you have interviewed with and inform them of your decision.

Parent Resources

Resources and Links for Parents:

  • Rules and regulations of the State of Colorado regulating:
    • Family child care homes
    • Child care centers
    • School-age centers
    • Church-based child care programs
    • Short-term or summer child care programs
  • Guidance or behavior issues
  • Resource links to websites for parents of children with special needs.
  • Nutrition
  • Child Growth and Development
  • Health and Safety
  • Activity idea websites