ACGN Policies

A. General Information:

1. Policies and Procedures may be amended monthly at regularly scheduled Networking Meetings of A CareGiver Network with a majority of membership vote of those members in

2. All amendments shall be recorded in the minutes.

3. Should any issue arise in which these policies and procedures do not address that issue and it is likely the issue could arise again in the future, an amendment will be made to these policies and procedures.

4. Each page of the Policies and Procedures will contain the last amendment date.

Amendments to the Policies and Procedures will be paced in writing and distributed as follows:

a. Each board of director shall receive a complete amended copy.

b. Extra copies of the amended page will be available to members at Networking meetings.

c. The entire Policies and Procedures shall be available for viewing by computer online.

B. Membership Types and Benefits

1. Individual Memberships:

a. Electronic Membership – member shall read their newsletter online.  With exception to the newsletter, all other benefits are the same as the Regular Membership.  Member is
responsible to obtain their own internet service provider to access the internet.

2. Group Memberships:

a. Gold Membership:

Cost: $75.00 per child care facility

Benefits: 20 individual membership cards with full membership benefits

Online newsletters

Three ¼ -page-sized ads per year in the regular membership newsletter

20 staff members may attend regular member meetings at no cost.  Additional staff may attend for a fee of $10 per person per workshop.

Additional Members:

Cost: $15.00 per person

Benefits: Full benefits with online newsletter & no free ads

b. Silver Membership:

Cost: $50.00 per child care facility

Benefits: 10 individual membership cards

Online newsletter

10 staff members may attend regular member meetings at no cost.  Additional staff may attend for a fee of $10 per person per workshop.

Three business-card-sized ads per year in the regular membership newsletter providing space available

Additional Members:

Cost: $15.00 per person

Benefits: Full benefits with online newsletter & no free ads

c. Bronze Membership:

Cost: $35.00 per child care facility

Benefits: 5 individual membership cards

Online newsletter

10 staff members may attend regular member meetings at no cost.  Additional staff may attend for a fee of $10 per person per workshop.

Three business-card-sized ads per year in the regular membership newsletter providing space available

Additional Members:

Cost: $15.00 per person

Benefits: Full benefits with online newsletter & no free ads

Approved September 16, 2002

3. Membership Benefits:

a. One vote on any issue presented for vote to the general membership.

b. Subscription to CareGiver Network’s bimonthly newsletter and other publications.

c. Discounts on all workshops sponsored by CareGiver Network.

d. Continuing education credit toward child care license upon completion of all creditable workshops.

e. Serve on all committees.

f. Serve as an elected officer on the CareGiver Network Board of Directors.

g. Listing with the CareGiver Network child care referral system (when available).

C. Membership Information:

1. All memberships in A CareGiver Network are not transferable or refundable.

D. Fees:

The membership annual fees charged by A CareGiver Network may be modified annually by ballot in conjunction with the member elections. Membership with the Colorado association of Family Child Care (CAFCC) is optional: however, please note that CAFCC’s membership runs from July through June. CareGiver Network’s membership year runs for a period of 12 months from the date a member joins.

1. Electronic Membership (newsletters by e-mail/fax)-$25.00 every twelve (12) months.

2. Bronze Group Membership – 35.00 every twelve (12) months. (Approved September 16, 2002)

3. Silver Group Membership – $50.00 every twelve (12) months. (Approved September 16, 2002)

4. Gold Group Membership – $75.00 every twelve (12) months. (Approved September 16, 2002)

5. If a membership lapses due to nonpayment of fees, benefits will cease as of the 15th day of the following month.

6. A $20.00 service charge will be collected for all returned checks.

*For example: if a member joins October 5 – they would need to renew by November 1

of the following year of their membership benefits would cease as of November 15th.

E. Meetings:

1. Networking Meetings: A minimum of ten meetings a year will be held for the purpose of networking, education, support and socialization. All A CareGiver Network
business will be held briefly prior to breaking into networking groups.

2. Accreditable Workshops– A minimum of two half-day workshops will be offered to members at a discounted fee each calendar year.

F. Business to be Conducted:

1. All business matters will be conducted immediately prior to the Networking Meetings with the exception to committee meetings.

2. All members have the right to vote in all matters regarding the business activities of A CareGiver Network.

3. Business will be postponed if a quorum of officers are not present at a Networking Meeting.

a. A quorum will consist of 51% of the total number of elected officers currently in office.

b. The President will count as a voting member only in the case of a tie.

4. Committee meetings may be called when deemed necessary by the committee chairperson. Committees shall be subject to the following:

a. Committees will report to the members of their activities at the Networking Meetings.

b. Committees shall keep a roster of it’s members and submit it and updates to each Board of Director and make a copy available for viewing at all Networking Meetings.

c. Committees shall record minutes and submit them to each Board of Director and make them available for viewing at Networking Meetings.

d. Committee Chairperson shall submit written reports to the secretary and newsletter editor as needed.

G. Elections/Nominations Committee:

1. The Vice President will chair the Nomination Committee and shall have the following responsibilities:

a. Attain at least two other members who are not running for an elected office to volunteer on the Nominations Committee.

b. Prepare a list of nominees.

c. Ensure that all nominees are members of CareGiver Network and are in good standing.

d. Inform each nominee of their nomination, detailed job description, a copy of A CareGiver Network’s By-laws, Policies & Procedures, and any other pertinent information.

e. Solicit and edit all biographies and submit them to the newsletter editor for publishing prior to August 1st.

2. The Nominations Committee shall determine how the election shall take place each given year and submit it to the Board of Directors and the membership by July 30th of each year. Issues to be determined should include the following:

a. Determine whether ballots will be done through mail or in person with date(s), times and locations of the election process.

b. Which individuals will conduct following duties: distribute ballots, distribute job descriptions and other information to nominees, keep possession of completed ballots, tally votes, notify nominees and announce election result’s.

3. Write-in candidates will be allowed to run for all offices and will be regulated under all the guidelines as the nominated candidates.

4. Members shall be permitted one (1) vote for each office and/or issue.

5. All voting must be cast on official ballots – which can be mailed in, delivered in person or electronically.

6. Election results shall be determined by the total votes counted for each office.

7. The Candidate that receives the most votes will be declared the winner.

8. Election tallies will be placed on a voided ballot attached to a sealed manila envelope containing all official ballots and signed by each person who counted the votes.

9. In the case of a tie, a run-off election will be held and reported in the newsletter.

H. Elected Offices and Volunteer Positions:

1. Board of Directors.

a. The Board of Directors shall be elected by the membership.

b. The offices of the Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Newsletter Editor, Referral Coordinator, Two State Representatives, Education Coordinator and Fundraising Coordinator.

c. Elected officer terms shall be a period of two years.

2. Elections will be held During even numbered years for the following positions: President, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, State Representative and Education Coordinator,  President, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, State Representative, and Professional Development Coordinator.

3. Odd numbered years elections will be held for the positions of Vice President, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Second State Representative, Referral Coordinator,  and Education Coordinator.

4. Other Volunteer Positions may be held by elected offices.

a. Phone Tree

b. Librarian

c. Hospitality Secretary

d. Web Page Coordinator

5. Guidelines for Officers and other Volunteers

a. Members shall hold no more than a total of two elected or volunteer positions at one time.

b. Newly elected officers shall assume their duties effective October 1st of each year. Outgoing officers/volunteers shall assist the incoming officers/volunteers until January 1st or as long as needed.

c. A transition period may begin upon announcement of the election results.

6. Vacancies in Office

a. All vacancies during the fiscal year shall be announced in the newsletter. Interested parties may send a letter if interest to any Director for consideration. Positions shall be appointment by the Board of Directors.

b. Appointed officers shall remain in office for the remainder of the respective term.

c. Removal from office or volunteer position:
1. Officers and other volunteers may be removed from office by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote by the membership by secret ballot at a regularly scheduled networking meeting for the following reasons:
a. Nonpayment of membership fees.

b. Unfulfilled job responsibilities as stated in the Job Description and Polices and Procedures.

c. Continued indiscretions regarding other members outside of meetings.

d. Not meeting minimum meeting attendance requirements.

I. Referral System:
a. All child care referral by Caregiver Network volunteers will be given out on a random basis.

b. CareGiver Network and it’s volunteers can not recommend any child care provider.

c. Parents seeking a licensed child care facility may access provider information with their computer online.

d. All child care referrals by A CareGiver Network must hold a valid child care license issued by the State of Colorado, Department of Human Services, Division of Child Care.
J. Newsletter:

1. A CareGiver Network will publish a newsletter every other month for the benefit of it’s members.

2. Articles for Print may come from the Board of Directors, other newspaper or magazines, A CareGiver Network volunteers or members.

3. Articles submitted for the newsletter should include the sender’s name and phone number, the author’s name, and if applicable, any organization names. Articles from newsletters or magazines must also include the name of the publication, date of publication, and the author’s name. When other publication’s articles are submitted,
they must either be paraphrased or with a letter of permission to reprint the article.

4. A CareGiver Network reserves the right to refuse any submission.

5. Any feelings or opinions on subjects relating to child care or CareGiver Network may be expressed, however; no direct attacks or insults made towards any member or support agency will be accepted.

K. Treasury:

1. The fiscal year of Caregiver network shall run from July 1 trough June 30th. The budget and distribution of funds shall adhere to the following:

a. All officers and committees must present a budget to the Treasurer for the coming fiscal year by May 15th. The budget will be revised if necessary, after consulting with incoming Board of Directors, and then shall be presented to the members for approval at the next Networking Meeting.

b. No Officer or member may sign a check for themselves or members of their family.

c. Funds will be distributed according to the line item in the membership approved budget.

d. Expenses not allotted in the budget must be approved by membership vote prior to expenditure.

e. An expense voucher, available from the treasurer must accompany all bills submitted for payment. The Treasurer must approve each voucher.

f. Two elected officers, in addition to the Treasurer, will be authorized to sign checks on behalf of A CareGiver Network.

g. The Treasurer will ensure that the checkbook and vouchers are available to the President during any extended absence of a week or more.